The First Thing I Ever Flipped on eBay 🤦

This was the second time I had been to this estate sale. I'd just watched Gary Vaynerchuk's 2017 Flip Challenge video, and I was ready to go. So I went to the estate sale the first day and browsed what they had to offer. It was mostly tons of old Avon stuff and ceramic figures. I left a little discouraged. I was hoping to find something. I did see a few ceramic cats, but there was no service at this house. So when I got home I searched "ceramic cats." They were selling consistently. But I didn't pay attention to the specifics like size, color, type, etc.

So the next day I went back to the estate sale. The signs said everything was 50% off. Sweet! I'd get a better deal than I would have if I had tried to buy it the day before. I hesitated at first. Then I decided to go for it. I grabbed this 14 inch tall Persian ceramic cat and headed for the check out line. I walked past a family member that was there at the sale and close to my age and she said, "Got yourself a cat, huh?" I'm sure she was wondering why me of all people was buying this cat. Oh well. I said, "Yup!" and walked away.

Ceramic Cat

I figured, if I didn't sell the cat I'd at least have a really epic white elephant gift at Christmas time. To make a long story short, after a few weeks, I accepted an offer on the cat. As it appeared, I was going to make a respectable $12.50 profit. However, I had undershot shipping by quit a bit. It turns out that shipping something large, heavy, and fragile isn't cheap. I ended up going with Fedex Smart Post, the cat arrived safely, and I probably lost $5 when it was all said and done. Two things I gained from this experience were several hard lessons and positive feedback.

What's one reselling lesson you've learned the hard way?