Today I turned 32.

My birthday started off at 3:30am with my oldest daughter waking me up to tell me it was time to get up and get ready. It indeed was not. Her Bluetooth speaker alarm clock only keeps 24 hour time so we've had several instances when she's set her alarm for the wrong time.

After sorting that I out I realized that my son had gotten in our bed in the middle of the night as did our youngest daughter. And I was very tightly sandwiched between them. The next thing I know, our youngest is reaching over in her sleep to grab my nose and then shoved her thumb up one of my nostrils. Happy birthday dad.

In my life I've been fortunate enough to travel to some incredible places, meet a lot of really awesome people and have a bunch of really fun experiences. But as I laid there at 3:30am and thought about all those things, my mind kept quickly coming back to the woman I was lucky enough to marry and the 4 kids that call me dad. Those things definitely trump everything else.

The Easiest Way to Light Your Fonts on Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Last month I working on a project that I needed to make the logotype I created for a sermon series look like it was on fire. After a little research, I found a the Flames Photoshop Action. It's the best $7 I've ever spent. After watching the instructional YouTube video and going through a few trial runs I had figured out how to light my font on fire.

Here's a play by play.

I started with a 1920px square image at 72ppi with my letter in the middle. In the instructional video for the action, the creator gives recommendations for image size.

After running the action (which took less that 30 seconds and produces unique results each time), I was almost where I wanted to be. The action had added some rounding to the letter that definitely didn't look great.

So I scrolled through the layers and found the culprit. Under the Base Subject Photo folder there's a layer called Inner Edge Glow. Turning that off got rid of those rounded edges.

The last step was putting all the letters together. I merged all the layers together and started adding the letters together in a separate PSD file with a black background. I selected the Lighten blending mode and I was in business.

And that's all there is to it. For the price of a couple gallons of gas, you too light your fonts on fire... safely. 🔥🔥🔥

Have questions? Drop me a line in the comments below.

3 Email Newsletters That Are Cooler Than Justin Timberlake


Weekly Newsletter from CJ Chilvers

Focus: Photography

Why I Love It: Bucking the system, going against the grain, empowering creatives to create.


No Spoon from Justin Wise

Focus: Entrepreneurship

Why I Love It: Book & personal health recommendations. Always relatable.


Weekly Newsletter from Austin Kleon

Focus: Creativity

Why I Love It: 10 things every time. concise, covers a wide range, unschooling.

Headline for this blog post compliments of Portent's Content Title Generator. It's the most ridiculously fun way to come up with blog post titles.

Sunday Sermon Sketchnotes

A couple a weeks ago I was lucky enough to host Emily Carlton, sketchnoter extraordinaire, at our church for a workshop. I learned a ton and have been practicing my newly acquired skills for the last two weekends. Above are my most recent notes and here are my notes from the weekend before.

Elisha Sketchnotes

I'm really looking forward to improving my sketchnoting skills. You can follow along with others who took the workshop through the #BrainerdSketchnoters hashtag on Instagram.