Church Social Media Post Idea: Back to School

It's back to school time! As with any time of the year that provides an established transition, you have the opportunity to engage your church and impact your community using social media. Here's just one idea you can use.

Example Graphic

Do a simple graphic containing the phrase: "We ❤️ Our Teachers."

Free School Related Photos from Unsplash

Use these photos to create a graphic:

Example Post Text

"As a family, spend a few minutes today praying for your children's teachers or a teacher you know. Mention or tag them in the comments to let them know you're praying for them."

School Related Emojis

  • 🎒 Backpack
  • 🚌 School Bus
  • 🍎 Apple
  • 🏫 School
  • 👩‍🏫 Female Teacher
  • 👨‍🏫 Male Teacher

Level Up

Here are a few ideas to level up your back to school social posts:

  • Create a post that encourages your church to think about a teacher who made a big impact in their life and ask them to reply with a story of why/how.
  • Ask the question: "How do you show your child's teacher that you appreciate them?" Create a blog post using the top suggestions then share that post to help others.
  • Ask the question: "What are your kids looking forward to most this school year?" Engage with them when they answer.
  • On a Thursday, ask people on Facebook to share a photo of themselves in grade school in the comments. #tbt
  • Create posts focused on prayer & encouragement for other specific school workers: bus drivers, principals, janitors, special needs teachers, coaches, etc.

Remember, social media is all about providing value. It's definitely okay to create a post without spiritual context. You can learn a lot about your people in how they respond and maybe even find ministry opportunities through those responses. But as a church you should find unique ways to give people valuable content with a spiritual context.