Surviving the Whole 30

Some of you have just finished the Whole 30. Others of you are probably about to start. My wife and I have been through it twice now. We've done it the last 2 years in the month of January. It's a great way to reset as you're already thinking about how you can improve in the new year. Here are a few things we've found that help you get through the Whole 30:

Research, Plan & Keep Learning

First things first, you need to get the book. If you don't read about the Whole 30, you'll definitely miss out on what it's really about and probably not do it true to how it's meant to be done. If nothing else, you need to understand the reason you're cutting out sugar, dairy, grains & beans because your friends will inevitably think you're insane.

Once you have an understanding of the Whole 30, you'll be able to plan better. And you do need to plan in order to survive. The hardest moments happen when you're unprepared and hungry.

Finally it's always good to keep learning. For example, I didn't learn until this last go around that the jury is still out on coconut oil & milk. Is it allowed on Whole 30? Yes. But if you research it online you'll find people who say it's great and others who say it's not. It's always good to do thorough research to make sure you understand what you're eating. Even the Whole 30 folks are still learning.

Keep It Simple

When you do a search on Pinterest for Whole 30 recipes, you'll find no shortage of crazy Paleo friendly meals using ingredients that are foreign to you. You don't need to throw out everything you're currently doing (unless all you eat is processed foods). One of my favorite meals is hamburgers made using the Perfect Burger recipe in the Whole 30 book, baked sweet potato fries, and pan fried Brussels sprouts.

You'll also discover interesting things you never knew existed like spaghetti squash. It's really cool but it's also really expensive most of the time. We eat our spaghetti meat & sauce in zucchini boats. Still delicious and a fraction of the cost.

Just keep it simple. Your sanity and bank account will thank you.

Try New Things

Even though you should keep things simple, you should also be willing to try new things. Doing Whole 30 you'll likely be introduced to new spices or ways of cooking things you already love in a simpler way (like without butter). One of my favorite things we've discovered is coconut aminos. It's like a soy sauce alternative made from the sap of a coconut tree and sea salt. I know right? Sounds awesome. It doesn't have any of the saturated fat that coconut oil & milk do. We use it to make roast and it is incredible! I don't think we'll ever do roast any way other than that from now on.

So if you're about to venture into the Whole 30, I wish you well. You can do it. It'll change your perspective on food and maybe more!

Have any other tips on how to survive the Whole 30? Comment below and let me know.