5 GIFs to Keep on Tap for a Legit GIF Game

You know how the saying goes: "A GIF is worth 1,000 words." So that's precisely why I use them to respond to my friends in text message conversations. Here are five of my favorite GIFs to respond with and the best situation to use them in.

1. Awkward finger guns for awkward moments

2. "Just shut up" for when someone says something dumb

3. "I don't care anymore" for when you're ready to call something DONE

4. "I'm laughing at you" for when you need to mock someone

5. "Whatever" for when you really don't have a good comeback

What are your go to GIFs? Seriously. I'd like to add them to my arsenal.

PS - GIFs can also consume a lot of space on your phone so I use an app called GIFwrapped to keep that to a minimum.