How to Make Your Staff Christmas Party Awesome

A few years ago, our staff Christmas party was in bad shape. I mean it was great. We had a nice lunch and good conversation. We even had some great door prizes and possibly even a little musical entertainment. But that was it. So being fans of The Office, we decided to put on an awards ceremony modeled after The Dundies. It was the only logical solution because you know what happens to people who don't win awards...

An employee will go home and he’ll tell his neighbor, ‘Hey, did you get an award?’ And the neighbor will say, ‘No man, I mean I slave all day and nobody notices me.’ Next thing you know, Employee smells something terrible coming from the neighbor’’s house. Neighbor’’s hanged himself... due to lack of recognition.
— Michael Scott

Humble Beginnings

Our first and second year, we started off small. We created a full page color certificate to give to each of the winners of the awards we made up. We came up with about 15 or so awards that were usually ironic and built around the person we wanted to win it. We then filled in the nominees with everyone else on staff. We pretty much winged the dialogue and just made fun of everyone. It was a fun time.

If you're just getting started, have no budget, or have no time, this is the perfect place to start. To design our awards certificates, we snagged the font Minecraftia and combined it with some ugly Christmas sweater vector graphics like these:

Taking It To the Next Level

This year we were able to better prepare for the awards ceremony by planning more ahead of time. We got actual trophies (DX Printing), some killer ugly Christmas sweater suits (Shinesty), created an intro video (Barry Carpenter), choreographed an intro musical dance number, and pre-wrote everyone's acceptance speeches.

The Categories

Here's a list of the awards we gave out this year complete with explanations:

  • TMI Award (For sharing too much on social media)
  • Selfie Selfertons Award (for taking the best of the worst selfies)
  • Tantalizing Title Award (For having best sermon Title #alliterationFTW)
  • Shiny Penny Award (For being the newest employee)
  • Yolo Award (For being the person who lives life on the edge)
  • The Next Worship Leader Award (Pastor with the best singing voice)
  • Because I’m the Pastor Award (#likeaboss)
  • Blacklist Award (Most likely to get us banned from internet)
  • I Talk Good Award (Most eloquent staff member)
  • Ice Cube Award (For always being calm, cool & collected)
  • I Need You Now Award (For being the most Sought After Department)
  • The Bobby Knight Award (For being the most annoying sports fan)
  • Peacocking Award (For being the biggest showoff)
  • Wikipedia Award (For always having the answer, whether its right or not)
  • Human Vulture Award (For eating anything in the break room)
  • Let Me Tell You Award (For being the most likely to give unwanted advice)
  • Duct Tape Award (For being most likely to fix anything)
  • One More Thing Award (For always being the reason meetings get extended)
  • Golden Hammer Award (Spray painted mallet given to the hardest working department)

The Final Result

The Winners

To commemorate the winners forever, we decided to have a MacBook Air up on our podium and use Photo Booth to make it extra memorable. Here's a gallery of the winners:

And that is how to make your staff Christmas party awesome. What do you guys do for your staff Christmas party? Comment below and we might just steal your idea and use it next year.