3 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Cover Image

Whether you've had a Facebook Page for a while or you've recently created one for your business or organization, surely you want visitors to that page to have a good first impression when they arrive. Part of what makes that first impression a pleasant one is a well thought out and well designed cover image.

Here are a few technical things to remember before you get started:

Now, on to the good stuff. Here are 3 ways to create an effective cover image using examples I've created:

1. Promote your most important thing

For a church, the most important thing (most of the time) is the Sunday morning service. It happens at the same time every week and, more than likely, is where guests show up for the first time. On the cover image below, the two things that are highlighted are the what (current sermon series) and the when (schedule/times). That way first time visitors to the page have the most relevant information right off the bat.

Obviously, there's more time and work that goes into the actual sermon series artwork. But once you have designed content created for an event or campaign, it's easy to format it into a cover image.

I've also segmented the image so that the box that contains the schedule interacts with and fits the overlap of the profile image. I can't claim the idea for that little detail. I stole it from Haley Veturis and crew at Saddleback. You can see some of their incredible cover images and other great examples for churches on this Pinterest board.

2. Highlight a milestone

I know, Facebook has that feature built into their Timeline. However, if you're celebrating the anniversary of your organization and will be making it a big deal all year then make it a more permanent fixture of your page. There's lots of credibility worth capitalizing on that comes with the longevity of a business or organization. Here's an example of a cover image I created for our school's 60th anniversary complete with a picture of one of the first classes at the school. Once again, I created the cover image to interact with and fit the profile image.

3. Give people a preview

If you have a business or organization that has a small or visual space, one thing you might want to consider is giving your customers a preview of what they'll experience in person. Below is the cover image of the baby boutique my wife owns. Customers can get a feel for the environment and an idea of what kind of products the store carries.

Those are just a few ways that you can create effective Facebook cover images that are intentionally accomplish a purpose and help your business or organization.


Check out this Facebook Brand Page PSD mock-up file created by Drew Matthews and use it to pitch your next layout.

Do you have any examples of covers you've done or do you need help creating one? Drop me a line in the comment section below, send me an email, or hit me up on Twitter (@jaredcallais). I'd love to hear from you.