3 High-Quality Free Fonts to Use Across Print & Web

These days, there are thousands of choices when it comes to fonts. One thing to consider when choosing standard fonts for your organization (especially if you work in a large organization where different areas are producing content) is the probability of visual consistency. Using the same fonts across different departments and over different types of media can be challenging with the cost of multiple licenses for high-quality fonts. The less fun alternative is having to rely on the default system fonts like Arial, Helvetica and Georgia.

Fret no more! Here are 3 beautiful, high-quality, free fonts that you can use on the web through Google Fonts and in your print pieces and other media.

1. Lato

Lato is an open source font designed by Łukasz Dziedzic. This font comes in 5 weights (thin to ultra-bold) with corresponding italics.

Access Lato for Web Use | Download Lato for Desktop Use

2. Droid Serif

Droid Serif was designed by Steve Matteson for Android devices to make reading on screen comfortable. This font comes in regular, italic, bold, and bold-italic.

Access Droid Serif for Web Use | Download Droid Serif for Desktop Use

3. Open Sans

Open Sans was designed by Steve Matteson. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility. This font comes in 5 weights (light to extrabold) with corresponding italics.

Access Open Sans for Web User | Download Open Sans for Desktop Use

What are your organization's standard fonts?