5 Fonts Worth Buying This Month

Welcome to the October edition of fonts worth buying. Below is a list of quality, robust families of fonts that you can get for an affordable price. 

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links for MyFonts. This is where I purchase most of my fonts. 

1. Quan Slim ($20) 

90% off until October 23

This family contains a total of 32 fonts consisting of 9 different weights in regular, italic and rounded forms. 

2.  Center ($49)

81% off until November 8

This family contains a total of 14 fonts consisting of 7 different weights in regular & italic. 

3. Maxwell Slab ($20)

80% off until November 10

This font family is made up of 20 fonts consisting of 5 different weights in regular, italic & small caps. 

4. Verb ($59)

65% until October 24

This font family contains 72 fonts consisting of 9 weights in regular, italic, compressed, condensed and extra condensed.

5. Sensational Sans ($33) 

79% off until November 2

This font family contains 8 fonts consisting of 4 weights in regular & small caps.